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A Clean Roof Inc. 

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We Are A Professional Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Company

“Innovation Consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought”, says Dave Davis of A Clean Roof Inc. “I’ve put innovation into action all my life. At Monsanto, IBM, and Wang. I was in the top 1% of sales but enjoyed creating more than selling. In 1985, I designed and developed a computer related product with one of the founders of Apple Computer. Later as Director of Business Development of a division of Bell South, I developed marketing plans for future products.”

“All my awards are in a box in the attic however, as I believe in “people first” and “things second”. What I am proud of is developing a hunger program for a Mother Teresa being a volunteer in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, being invited by Secretary of State Rusk to write his position strategy for a new Berlin, volunteering in pediatrics at Grady Hospital, and helping republish the book of a famous holocaust survivor.

In 1992 Dave developed a chemical process using customized equipment to solve the challenge of safely cleaning the ugly mildew and algae stains that damage roofs. Since then A Clean Roof Inc. has cleaned over one hundred million square foot of roofs without harming a shingle! Roofs look new again and stay clean four to five years. 

In 1996 A Clean Roof successfully expanded into all surface pressure washing of building exteriors, parking decks, breezeways, gutter cleaning, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, & graffiti removal using environmentally safe baking soda, gutter cleaning, and roof repair. 

Dave concludes, “We strive to handle every job on every property as if it was our own. We look forward to adding value and aesthetics to the properties in Georgia and throughout the southeast. A Clean Roof is fully licensed and insured for their clients protection. 


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